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is working. 280,000 jobs make eric boling gag. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. almost 20 months after the terror astrikes that killed four americans in benghazi. congress is taking its most controversial step yet to try to get the truth about the white house response. we have reaction. ed henry, speaker john boehner's block buster decision. >> john boehner had been under heavy conservative pressure for some time to appoint a special committee to investigate benghazi. he was motivated by the latest revelations this week which told him there's maybe more that's
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been hidden. >> reporter: despite speaker john boehner turning up the heat on the president about benghazi. two reporters who were called on did not ask about benghazi. tommy vietor is talking about the benghazi in the talking points and urging the media move on. >> you don't remember? >> dude. it's two years ago. we're talking about the process of editing talking points. >> boehner could not disagree more. after months of refusing to appoint a special committee on benghazi, the speaker decided to take the investigation of benghazi to a new level. the change of heart coming after the state department turned over an email from white house aide
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ben rhodes. obama administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about benghazi, that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issue by the standing committees of the people's house. investigate the atark provide necessary accountability and ensure justice is finally serve and it forces us to ask the question what else about the benghazi is the obama administration still hiding from the american people? republican darrell issa issued a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry to testify on may 21st about whether his department has other relevant documents that have not been turned over. kerry already has plans to be in mexico that day and fired back republicans are wasting time reinvestigating old ground. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege that there was some attempt by this administration to cover-up or spin what happened is 100%
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false. >> one area of inqi qirry for the special committee is likely to be what the president was doing on the night of the attacks after veeter revealed -- you were in the situation room and he wasn't there. >> yes. i was in the white house. >> and the president was not in the swaying room. >> not in the room i was in. >> three republican senators wrote to the president today asking to confirm that account. writing the american people still do not have an accounting of your activities during the attack. >> the president -- all the president's men and women in the white house worried not about how to save those americans on the ground in benghazi, but putting priority on saving the president's campaign for re-election. >> now, democrats believe this could boomerang on the gop has the white house tries to frame the mid term around the economy and the president is going to make the case that he's focused on the middle class while republicans want to focus on investigations. let's get reaction to this story, the latest from this story from our chief
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intelligence correspondent. when you look at all of this, what do you take from it? >> the big take away from me right now is that people are very focused on this eplal from ben rhodes on september 14th, saying this is the first time the administration had linked a video to benghazi, but what our reporting has shown is that the first person to make this link was then secretary of state hillary clinton and it was on the night of the attack at 10:07 p.m. when she released a statement to the media about the death of that foreign service officer. what we don't know is whether there really was intelligence that backed up that position. what we know is that within 24 hours, there was intelligence that conflicted but no correction was made. >> and we know that the president talked to secretary of state clinton before he came out. today in the rose garden the president was with the german president and he said something that raised some eyebrows on this issue. >> the notion that this is some spontaneous uprising in eastern
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ukraine is belied by all the evidence of well-organized, trained, armed me lish thats with capacity to shoot down helicopters. generally local protesters don't possess that capacity of surface-to-air missiles or whatever weapons were used to shoot down helicopters. >> the president is talking about russia's actions in eastern ukraine. but it sounded a lot like senator john mccain after benghazi. >> that's a stunning statement the president said i don't believe the russians. it was not spontaneous. there were armed militias on the ground with military style weapons. two years ago he said the opposite of benghazi. he said it was a spontaneous protest. there were armed me lish thats on the ground, they knew that. anything that knows anything about the military it takes
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planning and it take a professional team to have that kind of accuracy. but today on the ukraine he said the opposite. >> there are more things in these emaleds. interesting. >> you and i worked on the story of september 27th of 2012, where we confirmed the u.s. intelligence officials knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack. these new emails, as part of the judicial watch release show, that this went to the most senior levels of the white house. it was sent out by then deputy national security adviser dennis mcdonough. it went to the acting director of the cia, mike morell. it also went to john brennan. and significantly it also went to ben rhodes who said on september 14th that there was a link between benghazi and that video. >> thank you. kathryn is reporting and please join us this weekend for a special look at the latest benghazi developments. "fox news" reporting benghazi, white house coverup reveal can be seen tonight 9 p.m. eastern
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time. zat 10 p.m. and sunday. >> violence is escalating in korean. police say odessa clash had a fire that killed 31 people. talk from world leaders on all sides continues to be pessimistic. >>. >> reporter: the situation in eastern korean continued to deteriorate with pro russian forces shooting down two government helicopters and displaying observers for the organization for security for cooperation in europe had been kidnapped. at his news conference, president obama demanded their release. >> they have been pay raided in front of the media and forced to make statements at the force of a barrel of a gun. it's disgraceful. >> vladimir putin said it
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destroyed all hope for the agreement signed two weeks ago. nato should treat russia has an adversary. >> russia's recent action in korean has reminded nato of its founding purpose. it has presented a clarifying moment for the transatlantic alliance. >> both leaders warned moscow, sanctions will be toughened if it happened. >> if there's further attempts at -- >> he seemed hesitant to halt the oil and gnarl natural gas sales. >> the idea that you are going to turn off the tap on all russian oil and natural gas
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exports is unrealistic. >> arizona republican senator john mccain doubts they will sacrifice and other ties for the benefit of ukraine. "the washington post" quotes him saying he's embarrassed that germany's failure of leadership. he's already made clear that's how he feels about the obama administration refusal to provide defensive weapons. the u.n. security council held its 13th emergency session on the crisis. this one called by russia, which blames the violence on kiev and its western enablers. up next, the new jobs numbers and what they tell us. fox 45 in baltimore with clean up following the collapse of a sidewalk and retaining wall wednesday after it came down after heavy rains over the past 24 hours. take a look at that.
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ask your doctor about axiron. only famous. and older. and gorgeous. and not like ours at all. go and smell the roses! the jobs numbers out today beat the expectations of the experts, but as with many of these reports, there were different takes. a continue mass exodus from the workforce led to unemployment numbers the democrats are harolding and the republicans
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are condemning. >> april was the no the cruelest month as t.s. elliott once wrote. 288,000 jobs were added last month better than expected and that the overall unemployment rate declined from 6.7% to 6.3%, its lowest level since september 2008. touting the numbers in his news conference with the german chancellor. the president cited the grit and determination of the american people. then blamed republicans for not having a swifter recovery. >> there's plenty more that congress should be doing, raising the minimum wage and creating construction jobs for middle america. >> the labor market remains fragile. the overall unemployment rate declined chiefly because people gave up looking for work. the civilian labor force rank by
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806,000 last month. the qualified labor force shrank meaning 2/3s of workers aren't even participating in the workforce. >> we have a long way to go. we need to do the kinds of policies, energy production, tax reform, balanced budget, that will really make that happen. >> the economy is in a decent place. it's not great. you still have this problem with the long term unemployed. >> the number of long term unemployed people, workers out of a job 27 week or month declined by 287,000. there are still 3.5 million people stuck in this most troubling of categories, and the april numbers were only good for certain demographic groups.
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adult men, and fairly similar for adult women, but hispanics are faring worse. blacks nearly doubled that rate. the labor department also rerevised upwards the job growth for february and march by a combined 36 rk thour. >> stocks were down today. the dow loss 46, the s&p 500 was down 2.5. for the week, the nasdaq picked up about 1 and a fifth. alarming news tonight about a potential deadly threat to to public health. >> the headline from the centers for disease control today, mers is in the heartland. an american doctor from indiana who had been working in saudi arabia came down with symptoms on april 27th. the next day, he was in the
3:17 pm
hospital, barely able to breathe. >> so far we know that when this virus has been detected from someone who has clinical illness, one out of three times, the person may die. >> mers, middle east respiratory syndrome, first appeared in saudi arabia in 2012, suspected to have come from camels. of the 262 confirm cases in 12 countries, 93 people have died. cdc officials say the man travel from riyadh to london heathrow airport on april 24th. he then boarded a flight to chicago and from o'hare took a bus home to munster, indiana. people are being urgently contacted who would have been with him. >> we want people who were in close contact with the patient to be monitoring for symptoms, fever, shortness of breath or cough and to let their provider know. >> mers is caused by a similar virus to the one that led to the sars epidemic from asia in 2003.
3:18 pm
there is no treatment and no vaccine. at present, the virus is transmitted only through close contact. public health officials are very concerned that could change. >> it could evolve by mutation to get better and better at spreading among people. thank goodness, right now, it doesn't do that with the exception of some very few family clusters. >> the indiana patient is in stable condition on oxygen but not a ventilator. while the cdc believes there is no broader public health threat at the moment, they worry that an explosion of cases in saudi arabia may lead to more cases here. former readers digest and voice of america chief, tomlinson died. he was appointed to run voa by president ronald reagan in 1982. his son lucas is a "fox news"
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. president obama says the botched execution of an oklahoma inmate this week highlights significant problems with the dana perino. the -- the death penalty. the president says he asked for a general review to what happen to convicted murderer and rapist clayton locket who raped and buried his victim alive. the united nations human rights office said it may be cruel treatment under international
3:23 pm
human rights law. founder george w. bush is displaying some resilience of his own coming back from heart surgery nine months ago. the focus as always remains on the heroes. dr. mark seeing -- siegel is along the ride. president bush is hosting 16 men and women are riding along their sacrifice and resilience. >> people ask me all the time about being with the vets. my answer is universally i'm inspired. i may have a knee ache but it's certainly not even close to what people who have been riding these bikes today have overcome. >> the wor -- warriors respect cuts both ways. >> he wants to let everybody
3:24 pm
know that he cares. whether it's 16 guys out here, 17 guys and gallons -- gals out here. we represent the whole lot of them. the whole 2.5 million. >> he's one of us. he was our boss. our commander in chief and he's part of the team. >> while some of the warriors overcome challenging physical setbacks, not all their injuries are visible. the focus this year is ptsd. >> post traumatic stress is an injury. it's not a disorder. meaning that it can be treated and why -- that's opponent, because one we want to eliminate stigma. we want to encourage employers, when they closely look at hiring a vet, that they not be put off by somebody with pts. >> when asked to comment on the veterans affairs health system, president bush didn't lay blame
3:25 pm
but highlighted other approaches to dealing with veterans issues like the w-100 bike ride. >> the va system is full of people who care about our vets. it's a large bureaucracy and sometimes it's hard to create efficiencies. i understand the frustrations that people have about the va. the good news is there's a group about private sector gos helping to fill the void. >> there are some -- there some firses this week. first time a double amputee has ridden on these trails with a hand bicycle. >> thank you. crawford texas, a great story. media coverage of benghazi, the city of new york's $300 million
3:26 pm
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. thursday's capitol hill testimony on the been ben attacks of the lead story. for the other networks so much. retired brigadier general told
3:30 pm
them that the attack were not the result of a protests. he also conceded should have been done to stop the attacks. both nbc and cbs ignored the story last night. not mentioning it in their evening news cast. abc gave the story 45 seconds of coverage. a pleasant al buy et surprise. they woke up finding an extra $5,000 in their bank accounts. 31,000 retired new york city police and firefighters received the erroneous pension deposits totaling almost $300 million. apparently some workers were working on the system thought they were working off line. >> a san francisco man is charge
3:31 pm
with stealing a car in order to make it to court to face charges for car theft. timothy knight was due in court for stealing a car. he drove the honda accord to court and was arrested after his hearing. the screwdriver was reportedly still opt floorboard. the prosecutor says he expects to merge the two car theft cases and try them together. a fascinating story tonight that weefs in technology, your right to privacy and the government's responsibility to try to keep you save. correspondent doug mckelway looks at who is looking at your license plate. >> reporter: it's not the just nsa but the local police department. they now use stingray that swallows up cell phone data
3:32 pm
within a mile radius. they are also using license plate readers. the technology is a remarkable crime fighting tool. >> not just automobile thefts but homicides, all kinds of robberies. so the technology is definitely something that's an asset to us. >> in a may 1st article, "wire" magazine reported that harris the maker of the stingray and vigilant solutions holds their buyers to secrecy. this prohibition is specifically intended to prohibit users from cooperating with any media outlet. >> it's very worrisome. there shouldn't be anything to hide there. they are using technologies which are supported widely because of their proven ability to reduce crime. >> vigilant today told "fox news," the wire news was
3:33 pm
outdated. this was a common practice in the area of law enforcement technology, because criminals often manipulate publicly available information to avoid detection and capture. but the two technologies raise broader questions about fourth amendment protections against unreasonable searches. last year, virginia attorney general issued an opinion on license readers said data cannot be collected unless related to a criminal case. the last major legislation governing electronic equipment was passed in 1996. technology changes are turning faster than the wheels of justice. how republicans go all in on benghazi. a select committee and a subpoena for the secretary of state. we'll get reaction from an expanded panel when we come back.
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well, after months of refusing to appoint a special committee to probe benghazi. the speaker of the house today decided to take the investigation to a new level with this statement. americans learned this week that the obama administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about benghazi that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issued by the standing committees of the people's house. in light of these new developments, the house will vote to establish a new select committee to investigate the attack, provide the necessary accountability and insure justice is finally served. so that will move forward according to the speaker of the house. the reaction from the state department was pretty quick. >> everything that this committee would look at has already been look at ad nauseum by multiple committees. what's the point.
3:38 pm
>> but if no one did anything wrong or inappropriate, what is the harm in -- >> the amount of man-hours and taxpayer dollars -- this is why it matters -- the amount of man-hours and taxpayer dollars that go into all of this is incredibly time consuming for our folks here and other agencies as well. we are committed to doing it because it's important, but when we've already done it -- >> with that, let's bring in an expanded panel tonight. "fox news" chief washington crohn james rosen. jason riley, julie pace, and charles krauthammer. james, you are also our resident historian, so select committees, what does this enable the house to do and what is different? >> dude -- [ laughter ] >> it had to be done. it had to be done. it had to be done. look, this is an important development. for the first time now in two
3:39 pm
years, we have this profound and multidimensional event in benghazi. kind of the tell-tale heart of the obama presidency. it's going to be institutionaled. there's going to be a fact-finding body with subpoena power. there will be a concerted effort to delegitimatize this. unflattering comparisons will be made as the watergate senate committee. in fact, the watergate committee was a very partisan creech. there's every reason to believe this may be similar. but brit hume has been here in the capital said to me, james nobody ever referred to the senate watergate committee as
3:40 pm
the democrat controlled watergate committee. that kind of journalism didn't happen until 1980 when the republicans retook the senate. >> we actually didn't know we were going to have i am i tagses -- imitations. it's a benefit. >> i yeel the balance of my time. >> jason, to james point, the senate majority leader harry reid came out with a statement. the republicans defend more about care more about defending billionaires the koch brothers and trying to rekindle debunk right wing conspiracy theers than raising the minimum waning or ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work. >> it looks like they lied and it looks like they did it because they thought the truth would jeopardize obama's re-election. if that is not grounds for going
3:41 pm
forward with a select committee, i don't know what is. obviously, it depends on the details, what kind of reach it has, just appointing one or selecting one, won't get the job done, but it is an excellent first step that's long overdue. others have called for it. i'm glad, boehner has made the right call here. >> julie. >> i will say a couple of things. to james point on the committee itself, i think it is going to be very difficult to try to make this a bipartisan but i think republicans are going to have to try as much as possible to add a bipartisan flavor to this. they also i think have to be very clear about the purpose of the committee. sometimes in congressional investigations, the actual mission of the committee gets lost and you end up with just a lot of documents and a lot of testimony and it's unclear what you are actually getting after. so i think that they need to be very targeted in what they are doing and from the white house perspective it's clear now when the white house said we put out everything they had, they didn't actually put out everything they had, so they have a real
3:42 pm
incentive if they want to put this behind them to actually release everything that they have. >> and is their frustration in that white house briefing room about some of these nonanswer answers and is the white house working the reps behind the scenes? >> frustration in the press corps? >> yeah. >> there's always frustration in the press corps. >> about this issue. >> there definitely is. we give the white house the benefit of the doubt when there is an answer that they are being honest with us. it doesn't mean that we think that what they are saying is the right or wrong answer but we believe they are at least trying to be honest with us and there is questions in this when they say that this email was not directly about benghazi, it was about the broader problems in the region. okay. maybe, but they were talking about talking points involving susan rice which is at the heart of this matter. so i think that they are trying to, you know, be too cute by half on that. >> they were she was going on sunday shows being asked about benghazi.
3:43 pm
>> it was all about benghazi and even if this protest language applied to other demonstrations she never would have been on all five shows if it only a demonstration in cairo where knob was hurt or killed. she was on because of benghazi and this memo is important. it triggered all of this for two reasons. a, it was hidden for a year and a half. it should have been out there right away but it's a connection, a direct connection between the white house and susan rice and the fabl she told. and the second reason is, of course, in the content of it. they had always been saying susan rice got all her information from the cia. this is clearly influence from the whoufles. the only question i have is why did boehner wait till now. now that we are going to be doing this, i think trey goudy had to be the chairperson. >> the congressman from south carolina. >> they ought to choose the
3:44 pm
members of this committee, the ones who pledge never to make a speech and never to make a declarative statement. only to ask questions. and they should have a trained prosecutor as in the watergate committee to lead all the witnesses through the questions and not a round-robin of congressional inter investigations, speeches, and popping off. that's what's been wrong with all of these previous hearings. if it is a targeted hearing, just with questions, so it's a clean inquiry, it will be then have to be respected even by the mainstream media. >> congressman you go -- gowdy will be on greta coming up. james, is this politically at all dangerous for republicans? >> well, it's obviously taking place in a mid term election cycle. the democrats will make an effort to talk about the middle class and jobs and the war on women and so forth, and they will point to an exercise like this as we already heard from
3:45 pm
isn't that true reed, that it's sort of inganling -- engaging in the inflating now debunkd conspiracy theorizing. >> and the track record of these committees is what? >> well, you know the senate watergate committee looks like it was successful because the president ultimately resign. later committees haven't produced that unique result so they suffer by comparison. this committee, they are dangerous for the democrats as well, including obviously continued disclosure and quite potentially for hillary clinton who may well be the democratic nominee in 2016. >> i think congress owes it to the four per issued americans to do this. yes, we've had committees look into this but they have not been well coordinated. there's been too much grand standing and i think a select committee would be above that in some sense and provided it had -- it has the scope and the reach to do what's necessary, i think it could put forward a definitive record of what went on and we owe that to these americans. >> julie, it is tough to tell
3:46 pm
the story without spending a lot of time laying it all out. so that people get it. is that one of challenges, do you think, for media who covered or don't cover it? >> i think that is one of challenges, but i also think, you know, to james's first point, that what the select committee does is provides -- once it gets going, a daily drum beat and that makes it harder to not cover it and so i think that sometimes you end up in these periods where you are not actually getting anything new, and so it's harder for media to make the claim for why we're writing a story if there's nothing new. certainly there has been coverage of this latest email and of the select committee and i think thribl going forward. >> today in the rose garden, no questions on benghazi even though the select committee was out there. >> it has to be very targeted. why were they -- where were the
3:47 pm
president and the secretary of state when all this was going on. how did we get the fable, who in the white house above the level of rhodes was involved in the talking points? >> and if it takes a long time. >> it will take time. these committees can typically go on for a year or two. >> next up, the fry -- friday lightning round. and quiet of a beach escape. funny, there was no mention of hail in the weather report. go & smell the roses!
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>> president obama talking about ukraine and russia's actions there. we're back with the friday lightning round. we're back with james rosen to try to make it lightning. okay. jason. >> well, i think we saw some political theater there. the president appeared with merkel from germany trying to show unity but the fact of the matter is there's a lot of disunity. back home. the voting public in germany is very split on this. they think the sanctions have gone far enough. they rely on russia for a lot of their energy as does a lot of europe. they're worried about prices spiking. although there's an attempt to present a united front, the european and americans interests are diverging here. >> the point of today was to present the unity but we should be clear that the type of sanctions we're talking about that would be tough are down the road at this point. the sector sanctions are if russia makes a move over the
3:52 pm
border into ukraine. we're talking about individual sanctions and right now it looks like those aren't doing much to change putin's calculus. >> the goal post versus moved throughout this thing. if russia goes in it's changed. >> always backwards. look, obama has adopted the worst possible way to approach a coalition than an adversary which is the lowest common denominator. he insists on unity. when you do that, that means any members of the eu, and particularly germany can move the sanctions down to the point where they are worthless as we see it in the new york times reporting that the russia stock market are higher than they were at the beginning of sanctions. the opposite example is george h.w. bush he said on kuwait, this will not stand. he was read do go alone and the world followed him. if you do a coalition where you have to accept everybody's conditions you end up with nothing which is exactly where we are and putin knows it. >> april jobs report
3:53 pm
unemployment rate falling to 6.3% in april. jobs added 288,000. beating expectations but there's a lot to this report. >> well, this is one of those reports where when you look at the top line numbers it looks better than what we have seen in the last few years when you dig deeper, a lot of questions still. people dropping out of the labor market is a huge issue and wages are a huge issue. even for people that have jobs. they're not seeing wages increase. the situation for obama continues to be that while we have a slow, steady recovery it's not being felt by millions of americans. >> yes. it's still driving a lower unemployment rate is more people leaving the work force and not enough jobs are now being created. that continues to be a problem. again, labor participation rate is still low and existing workers aren't doing that well. whether it's weekly earnings or hours worked. there still aren't -- the people that have jobs still aren't doing as well.
3:54 pm
again, this is not bad news. this is a good news report. best numbers in a couple of years. the revisions of the previous two months are all good but five years into a recovery we should be doing a lot better than that. >> obamacare enrollment. take a look at the stats. 8 million plus enrolled. 28% between the ages of 18 and 34. 4.8 million enrolled. number of paid policies really unknown according to hhs. what about all of this charles. >> i want to get one example of how you can never get a straight story or fact out of this administration. when obama did the victory lap on the day when the enrollment closed and he announced the 7 million, he said 35% of the enrollees are under the age of 35. now that sounds good because you only have to hit 38 or so. but what he was including was 7-year-olds. he did it in a way that you wouldn't understand when you see it now. the ones that count, the ones
3:55 pm
that are actually adults, 18 and 34. only 28%. that was a number he covered up. if you like or disguise it, it is a lot higher. that's the way it always is with this administration. >> ran out of time but we got through. that's it for the panel. but stay tuned to see how our own mr. sunday rolls. [announcer] if your dog ca dream it, purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ epic classical music stops ♪music resumes music stops ♪music resumes [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [owner] come on. [announcer] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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3:59 pm
to sing? there's bound to be something that comes on the radio or is in your head. what do you sing a lot? >> i sing in the shower like everyone else but it's what is in my head at that particular time. it could be anything. country music. show tune. you know, pop, rock. >> yeah. >> i don't have a bad voice. >> okay. >> so i don't send lorraine running out of the house. >> okay. but no snoop dog or nothing like that. >> say it again? >> no snoop dog? >> no, no. for no. >> for shizzle. >> feel free to use whenever i have one of those weird questions as a kicker. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. don't forget fox news reporting
4:00 pm
benghazi. white house cover up revealed. you can see it tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, saturday 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. >> this is all on the record. stone walled. memory loss at the white house. >> this was like two years ago. >> dude, really? on the record searches for answers in benghazi. >> plus union thugs intimidating care takers of the disabled. one woman taking her fight to the supreme court. >> i don't want to be forced to join a union. >> and you can't miss this. ivanka trump on the record tonight. >> that first big development in benghazi. speaker of the house john boehner announcing the house will form a select committee to investigate the benghazi atta s attacks. also the oversight committee announcing it will subpoena secretary of state john

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